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Colombia, unspoiled Caribbean coast

Enigmatic Amazon jungle

If you are a coffee lover, it's understandable that you will be in a race after the perfect cup, well, you probably know that the perfect coffee cup starts with not less perfect coffee bean, and those ones you will find in a great combination of sunny climate and soil quality. One word to answer that, Colombia, a perfect destination for unforgettable vacation tasting the best coffee of all times, you can even visit the plantations, get involved with a little help in some of the local farms.

This is an extraordinary country, entertaining you with sun toasted coffee beans and Caribbean sand, lakes, snow capped peaks offered from the capital, which is the third highest in the world, once you get down, you will be immediately spoiled by tropical islands and jungle. Colombia has many contrasts, not only geographical and climatic, the most of all is made of traditions and believes. The very final quality of coffee has been found in here, 100% Colombian coffee comes with passion, hard work and the best traditions.

There are about 563'000 families producing coffee, different regions, from south to north of Colombia, it's the highest quality possible. The highest coffee bean quality in the world, delicious Arabic beans, paired with an aggressive marketing campaign by the National Federation of Coffee Growers, so can imagine how pretty much everything is about coffee in here.

As Colombians are hard workers, the first meal in the morning seems more like dinner, consisting of juice, coffee, eggs and bread, so getting all the energy possible for the hard workday. Colombia is not a paradise for vegetarians, they adore meat, so all kind of fish is eaten, in the countryside also lunch is a very important meal, traditionally serving a soup, main dish and a dessert which usually is something very sweet. And dinner is just like a snack. If you are a visitor, Colombia will spoil you , gaining some pounds at the end of your vacation will be just a part of it.

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