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Multilayered contrasts of Brussels

Illuminations bring an unique atmosphere

Belgium is one of the most fascinating European countries you will ever see, it has all, beautiful landscapes, full of contrasts, Flemish and Eurocrats, art nouveau facades and incredible self confidence, you have to visit this amazing land! It's anything but boring, fulfilled with stunning towns and cosmopolitan cities, with modern and ancient monuments, making a pleasant cocktail of diversity, countless bars and restaurants that will keep you full and drunk until the next visit.

It's ever changing, modern and very well organized, it's capital Brussels will totally impress you, with one of the most beautiful square in the world, the Grand Place, with the most funniest citizens on earth, they will keep a distance from the beginning,but after the first drink you will find a friend for life, Brussel's charm is that it doesn't go out its way to impress, you will find it pretty cool anyway.

Keep in your mind that Belgians have a good life , everything is think through and actually functional, plus their take it easy attitude that doesn't make them as strict as Germans. Plenty of stuff to see, such as art galleries in Mons and Leuven, the new Herge Museum and of course the impressive Liege Guillemins station, which back in 2009 was the most most extraordinary 21st-century architectural peace.

An then there is food and beer, there is no wonder this nation loves to eat and to cook, with so varied population, through the history, every nation has left something, Romans, English, Spanish, French and also Vikings. The recipes were handed from generation, stews, soups, but the most visitors love are beer and chocolate. There are countless street stalls selling beer, chips and hot waffles, to grab a bite on your way,. it's some kind of will also find great restaurants preparing every single detail more carefully. They say, that Belgians cook their meals with the finesse of French and the size of the portions are generous as German ones.

Also called European Village, Brussels is the center of European culture, with almost 90 museums, countless art exhibitions, fascinating walks in some of the most beautiful city Parks, has more to offer than just a great beer, food and arty stuff, it's the special spark that makes the difference.

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