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Dense jungle and glacial peaks

Cusco, archaeological capital of the Americas

There is no place like Peru in the whole world, promising dense jungle, ancient pageantry and glorious Inca empire. Home to incredible Machu Picchu and ancient city Chan Chan, where you will find the largest pre-Columbian ruins in all the Americas, great museums of Lima, or visit Cuzco , that will bring you a little closer to the past. This cosmopolitan Inca capital embraces a bunch of history, you will see women dressed in national costumes, kids still playing with sticks instead of all kind of pods, and men wearing traditional hats and chitchatting at bars, just like back then.

It seems that nothing has really changed in here, apart the fact that more and more tourists come to this marvellous place every year, Inca temples, finest boutiques with alpaca knits, textiles and other handmade stuff. Cuzco is considered as the big, archeological capital of Americas, and also the oldest inhabited city in the whole continent. So if your are looking for another paradise, another world, head to Cuzco , it will throw you right back in the past while your agenda will still say 2014.

Cuzco is laid back and simply beautiful city that manages to be in contrast between the modern and the indigenous styles, that's the key to its rare beauty. First thing that catches your eye will be the Inca Walls, these enormous blocks of granite just fit there perfectly, they were built during the construction of the new Spanish city, imagine that this anti seismic design has survived centuries and several earthquakes.

Navel of the world , luckily situated at the same region as the world famous Machu Picchu and Inca trail, so be prepared to spend in this country at least ten days. The city lies 3350 meters above sea level, the weather could be cool,but the air is very clean, the breathtaking beauty and warm local people will leave you speechless. Temples and churches, such as Temple of the Sun is pretty impressive, everything around this city are reminders of its great past and surrounds the vibrant present, take it all moment by moment, enjoy!

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