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Toronto, most multiculturally diverse city

Hundreds of languages, flavors and aromas

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, with more than six million inhabitants, more than half of this people born in other countries, what makes Toronto a multicultural city. It has many cultural and linguistic groups, what creates a cultural mosaic, where you can find several ethnic festivals, radio stations and tv channels.

Toronto has many magnificent attractions, and a tourist will soon fall in love with this oh-so lovely city. One of the most impressive is The City Hall, a modernist building that is home for the municipal government. The Royal Ontario Museum has an amazing architecture, with the original building made in 1910 and a new structure added, made of steel and glass. Another very worth to see is the Canadian National Tower, one of the tallest structures in the world, with 553 meters, used as a transmission tower and observation deck.

One interesting thing to do is visiting the ethnic neighbourhoods, like the Little Italy, a place with many Italian Canadian restaurants and even a Portuguese community. In Little India you will find the best of south Asian food and culture in the city, and there's also a Chinatown and a Koreatown, with grocery stores and karaoke bars.

One has to enjoy the Lake Ontario when in Toronto, and the beaches may be a good option in the summer. The most popular section of beaches on the lake is called Beaches neighbourhood, where one can swim or run, ride bikes and inline skate on the streets close by. One can also enjoy the view of the cityscape from the Waterfront, where some several events happen through the year.

Toronto is a must to see in Canada, and for sure a foreigner will fall in love with this city, because it has the best of every culture hosted there. Toronto is cosmopolitan, it's new and it's beautiful!

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