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Finally discovered Zagreb, Croatia

Balmy days by sapphire waters

Zagreb is one of the main travel destinations in Croatia, it's a land where countless kingdoms and empires have survived and ruled, republics for millennia. This country holds on to its great past and historical treasures, excellent museums and Socialist Realistic sculptures, you won't be able to relax for a bit, it's culturally alive and active. Roman columns, Venetian palazzos and mansions with Viennese touche. The history of Croatia is equal in both parts, the fascinating and horrifying...

It's not just a destination for summer and boats, sailors and crystal water lovers, Croatia's natural beauty is incredible and combines alse the oodles of history and very interesting architecture. Not even mention the exquisite seafood and great wine, you will love it. About Croats, well, they won't give you their sunniest face, but eventually they will break through once you become more than a stranger, and that’s the moment when you will understand how warm and hospitable people they really are.

Zagreb is the hot spot of the country , mostly during the winter time, when Split is no more an option, because the sailors season has ended and everyone heads to the capital, which is alive and rarely empty. The locals would go for hiking and skiing in Mt Medvednica, which is only a tram ride away, so could you...or if you prefer water activities, coast scurries to Jarun Lake in the southwest to swim, spring or autumn will be perfect to sit in the Maksimir Park, where you can enjoy sun , great coffee or watch bikers running through. This city is simply amazing, with a huge selection of accommodation, decent shopping and very easy to reach from elsewhere in Europe.

Croatia will be a perfect destination for those ones looking for a balmy days and sapphire waters in the shade of the ancient towns of the country. The hospitality of Croats is incredible, you will be lucky to get invited to a local's home, all you will hear will be Eat! Jedi! that's a part of their culture, share all they eat and drink, they are lucky to have goods from both, the land and the sea, not to even mention the olives and great wines.

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