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New Orleans, boisterous third world

Northernmost Caribbean city

Heading to the America but you have no intention at all to see the classics? Well, there is just one perfect place you should go to, the multicultural New Orleans, which has a taste influences of Europe and has the best of Caribbean, Africa... It's like a melting pot of culture and food. New Orleans, the northernmost Caribbean city, with precious architecture and scene of great festivals and exhibitions.

This is one of the world's most fascinating cities, with dark jazz clubs, restaurants, clubs, bars, anything you like, New Orleans will serve it for you, keep in mind that it's one of America's most culturally rich destinations in absolute. It's charming and very easy at the same time, so multicultural and unique, somehow you will forget where exactly are you.

There are thousands of things to do and to see, not to mention the French quarter, which originally was suburbs, it's perfect to walk around, it's vibrant and with a laid back, old school atmosphere. It's the largest city in Louisiana, which is located in between Mississippi River and Pontchartrain Lake, actually one of the few cities that has been under three flags, Spain , France and the United States of America.

"The Most Haunted City in America", but New Orleans is all times winner, that will be the weirdest night of your life.

There are even organized tours throughout the famous French quarter or through any other spooky decorated part of the hunted city, Garden District or in Uptown. And here it comes, the famous cemeteries and tombs, different stories and legends will help you to freak out, about ghosts and Cities of the dead, but it's not all just a tales ..this is real, documented stuff we are talking about.

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