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New Year’s Eve 2008

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Everyone around the world celebrates New Year’s Eve. Why stay home when you can check out some amazing party spots around the globe. would like to give you some suggestions on where to go celebrate your New Year and where to stay while your visiting. Here are just a few of the hot spots to go party on New Year’s Eve….


Brazil - New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro: New Year's Eve marks the date for Fiesta de Iemanjá in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Crowds head to the beaches to offer flowers and gifts to Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Water in the Brazilian Umbanda religion. Flock to Copacabana beach with two million people for Réveillon and watch approximately a gazillion candles float to sea. Bonita, belo.

Las Vegas

New Years Eve in Las Vegas: You can't turn around in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve without bumping into a party. The Strip, closed to cars after six, is crawling with crazy revelers, of course, but Fremont Street (Vegas's "old" section) is beyond hot on December 31: for $80, see acts like All-American Rejects and SmashMouth under the fabulous Fremont Experience lights with 12,000 other wild ones. Clubs sell out, so buy tix now for places like Rain at the Palms ($100).


How to Find the New Year's Eve Party in Reykjavik
Iceland is known for its nights and cold capitol Reykjavik is the cool center of the country's hot club scene. Where to go and what to do is always a question when traveling in strange lands -- in Reykjavik, you've got an in-the-know paid pal with a unique service, "Nightlife Friend." VIP passes (avoid freezing in club lines) and a personal escort who knows where to go.


Hogmanay - New Years Eve in Edinburgh: Go porcine wild in downtown Edinburgh, Scotland, on New Year's Eve with the party to end all parties: Hogmanay, a four day New Years celebration with major music, fireworks, carnivals and, of course, Dogmanay. The word "Hogmanay" may literally mean "great love day" in old Scandanavian, or "man is born" in French -- in Scotland, it means, "It's New Year's -- let's party!"

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam: New Year's in Amsterdam is amazing. There is a party on every corner. The Clubs stay open all night and there is always good fun to be had in the Red Light District…. Gelukkig nieuwjaar!


New Year Customs in Paris
The City of Light on New Year's Eve and through the month of January, is a special time to go clubbing the eve away in the most romantic city's hot night spots (get your bises or better at midnight in places like Pulp and The WAGG).


Italy - New Year's Eve in Rome: Piazza del Popolo is the center of New Year's Eve celebrations in Rome -- traditional Fiesta di San Silvestro goings-on cheek by jowl with concerts and craziness. Rome's reknowned Piper Club will host a Capodanno party starting at 10:00 on New Year's Eve (Via Veneto - Via Tagliamento, 9). Read up on Italian new year's traditions -- oh, and that red underwear thing? Brings you good luck.


The Siloso Splash - New Year's Eve in Singapore: Singapore's Siloso Splash is the place for beach blanket boogie on New Year's Eve -- co-produced by MTV Asia, the event attracts swim-suited partyers for dusk-to-dawn dancing with vj's and loud, loud tunes. $12 in advance gets you in and a drink.


Japan - New Year's Eve in Osaka: Awesome urban blog BikeClub gives us the inside on the Osaka underground for New Year's Eve parties at cool clubs. Recommended rooms you should roam include Triangle and the Oasis Lounge. Need to know more? Check the BikeClub Osaka forums.


Australia - New Year's Eve in Sydney: The biggest city down under basically closes around noon on New Year's Eve day, but ample public transportation (call local number 131-500) will take you to Sydney Harbour, the place for year end fireworks. Go early to stake out a viewing spot harborside at hip Dawes Point, where a pub or six is just a crawl away in the Rocks.

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