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Beauty in the concrete jungle

Honolulu, shake hands with the real Hawaii

Hawaii has become synonymous with a word paradise, there is no other place to be, to reach the moment of peace and total relaxation, well, with the stunning beaches would be enough, but there is more. You will start to get excited already booking the flight tickets to the paradise. Once you arrive, delicious cocktails served in coconut glasses will arrive even before you will see the hotel, and you still won't believe it's happening after feeling the breeze from the palm trees lining up next to the golden beaches, coral reefs and volcanoes.Hawaii is perfect to spend the whole day outdoors, you can swim, fish or picnic, but remember to respect the beautiful land, do everything as they say, aloha 'aina - love and respect.

Each of the beaches has its own characteristics, some are packed with people and towels everywhere, some totally nude, pick yours and the adventure can start, the Maui's coast is the most famous in Hawaii. All you need for this trip will be pair of flipflops and bikini, the attitude is very easy going, you will heat guitar music, anyone is welcome, whether it's for singles weekend out, for families, or honeymooners, as long as you burst with genuine aloha and fun in your mind.

Waikiki is one of the best destinations in Hawaii, it's no longer just another beach resort, coming in here,you will immediately feel the connection with past, whispers of ghosts and the real wave of effortlessly chic style. Hawaiian music played everywhere, it's a jungle with modern touch, be hypnotized by the spectacular sunsets and sunrises over Diamond Head, let this harmony enter in you.

Honolulu is the capital of Polynesia, offering diversity in beaches and attractions, it's like an mixed plate of experiences and different cultures. Aloha Tower and Victorian era buildings ,ocean breezes, palm trees and postcard views. This place screams of relaxation and take it easy kind of attitude. It's a very unique jewel in the middle of the wildest jungle.

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