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Buda Hills in Budapest

Romance, hot springs and architecture

With an always increasing stunning nightlife, already famous in Europe, Budapest is a huge city with many possibilities. It's a top destination in the continent, and frequently the favorite, specially to the young travelers that love a little party. A world class classical music scene and natural thermal baths are also part of Budapest, where famous architecture blend perfectly with the cosmopolitan vibes.

Divided into two typical cities, Buda on the west bank of the Danube, and Pest on the eastern bank, Budapest is a thrilling city that makes the Hungarian proud. In a mix of Viennese and Parisian architecture, this elegant and energetic capital had great influence on European classical music and science history.

The most outstanding attraction is Castle Hill, a palace complex that contain many interesting sights, such as the Royal Palace, that during its history were rebuilt at least 6 times. In Castle hill are also the National Gallery, the Fisherman's Bastion, from where you can have a view of the city, Matthias Church, Lion's Courtyard, that received this name for the four lions guarding the gate.

For more chillax activities, you can rent a boat to sail the Danube and see the two parts of the city at the same time, or you can have a stroll on the Margaret Island, with its large parks and lovely atmosphere. On the Buda side, you can find an interesting network of caves called Gellert hill cave, and inside there's a roch church. On this side of the river there's also an awesome open air museum, the Memento Park, that has a collection of former statues, an exhibition of the 1956 revolution and 1989-90 political changes.

There are so many things to see and do in Budapest, that you can't miss this gem. It's for young people and families, for adventures and relaxing, it's perfect for you. Budapest will treat you like a king!

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