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Many crowns of New York

Winter wonderland

If you have to choose you pre-Christmas destination, NY city beats it! During the holiday season it becomes a real winter wonderland, with each corner decorated and lighted up, there is no other city like NY for Christmas. You might be lucky and experience the Manhattan streets snow white, window displays screams Christmas constant ooh's and aah's are the sounds you will hear. Shopping windows more posh than ever, brands coming up with brand new fashionable windows and there comes that special feeling, not invited, not intentious, you just feel it, it's Christmas again!

The New York is one of the magic places, with Fifth Avenue decorated more than ever, ice skaters spinning around in the main Center Skating Rink, spectacular Rockefeller Christmas trees will make the NY's skylines even prettier. If you are planning to bring your family to NY during the holiday season, don't worry, New York offers all kind of shopping, it won't break anyones bank, great deals and discounts all over the stunning capital.

Finding beautiful and not at all expensive gifts will be more than possible in NY, you can choose between sweaters and classic Christmas gifts in Macy's and Barneys, the best department stores, all that will be accompanied with famous cartoonists and iconic New York attractions.

If you prefer the cultural side of the city, there will be plenty of art festivals and concerts going on, so buy some broadway tickets and live American life at least for once.

Dining? In NY? Anytime, anywhere, anything you like, the city will cruise your taste buds all around the world's best cuisines, well, it's true that America is famous for junk food, but believe or not,they have some delicious stuff too, most of the Americans are very careful of what they eat and where they by it.

Fresh markets all around the city, straight from the farmers, specially for the holiday season, you will find food stalls with all kind of goods. Candy, they love a good candy canes, which by the way are very well associated with Santa Claus. The birthplace of candy canes was in Germany , back in 1670 at the cathedral of Cologne, when choirmaster gave those sugar sweets to the singers to keep them quiet during the long Christmas service.

The candies were white at that time, only after two centuries they acquire their red stripes, as it was all hand made, so limited, back in 1950's a Catholic priest invented a machinery to shape, bend, fold and stripe candy canes. So, the classic Christmas sweet in NY...Candy canes it is!

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