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Astonishing and myriad adventures

Mysteries of the spiritual Indonesia

Indonesia is a land of adventures and beauty, flowers, smiles and countless volcanoes, stunning beaches and a place where dramatic is the norm. It has more than 17000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, so just imagine to play Robinson Crusoe in one of them, escape from the reality and live a dream at least for a little while. Myriad adventures and activities, the mother nature has been very generous with this one, blessing it with stunning natural beauty, countless traditions and more than 300 languages spoken, many call it their home, and many would love to do that.

Indonesia is a world apart, intriguing, intoxicating and extremely wild, it will be a trip to infinite diversity of Indonesia's 17000 islands, or even more, that aren't discovered yet. You will see it all, more than 100 volcanoes lining up, azure waters and jungle hills, the astonishing. It might be the last great adventure on the earth, explore Sumatra, the edgy Papua and one of the islands, which are inhabited each by very diverse ethnic group of people. It's a land of many cultures, foods, animals, festivals, being radically different, women and men in these islands make a unique blend of different worlds, so visiting each of them, you will feel like in another country.

Bali is the real paradise on earth, it's not just a place, it's a tropical state of mind, a feeling of freedom and never ending purity. There is an essence of love and happiness in this place, you will see dancers and in rice fields performing, you will see stunning beaches and great resorts to relax, but the real treasure of Bali and what makes it so special, are the Balinese, they smile a lot, they are the most generous and welcoming people of the world, making your stay wonderful, besides, if you happen to be bold, they will adore you, for Balinese seeing a bold man, means that today's rain has been cancelled:)

Bali is divided into west Bali and east Bali, in the middle obviously leaving a place for its heart, Ubud, a place where all the spirits and wonders are concentrated, sharing the secrets and ancient ruins of Bali. All around the center you will see dramatic volcanoes and hillside temples, the islands owns more than 10000 temples, its tourism has grown immediately and extremely after the movie Eat Love Pray was filmed in here. It's also packed with tiny and cozy restaurants and cafes, every budget stay available. It's so spiritual and full of wonders that you might prolong your stay,you will lose the sense of time, you will open your heart and find yourself, let the islands take you over.

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