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Costa Rica, overwhelming natural beauty

Hot sandy beaches and spot wildlife

Costa Rica, its beauty and easiness will amaze you and literally beg you to stay more, this country is like Switzerland in Europe, okay, not that economically stable , but it's comfortable to live in and its natural beauty is indescribable. Even if the poverty in this country is very high, the expenses are extremely high, so don't dream about cheap destination, something so good can not be economic. Everything about Costa Rica is amazing, you will see monkeys, waves, peaceful oases and lovely citizens, Ticos, Costa Ricans.

You will need a long vacation, to see the country's Must attractions, find a time for surfing, hiking, cruising around wild forests, sip cocktails in hot sandy beaches, visiting active volcano, there are so many things to do , that you will need a real plan to see most of it. It has changed a lot, before the tourism big boom it was cheaper and more peaceful, now it's more chic and a lot more expensive. What used to be classic and calm, nowadays are referred more as crowded, Costa Ricans don't mind, they are pride about their country's big success.

There is a place that you can't miss, Nosara, which is an international cocktail of stunning beaches, three actually, stitched together by a network of Swerving. Earth roads overlooking the coastal hills and jungles, take your breath and prepare yourself for a lifetime experience. Village of Nasara is still a fishing village with its traditions and unique charms, choose one of the three beaches, which are you? Playa Garza is the first, still sleepy village, fulfilled with fisher boats and edge, or are you Playa Guiones, most famous for locals, full of babies , surfers and families, blessed with marbled sand and plenty of space, The third is very luxury itself, Playa Pelada, rough and raw, more laid back , with surfers and more restaurants along the beach side.

The inland of this area is not less stunning than the beach side, home to many birds, attracting wildlife, citizens in here are keen on protecting the rainforests and the animals living in there, so forget about parties and chaos. Nosara area is also known as sophisticated jungle living, a small and very beautiful beach town, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, it's modest and straightforward tourist destination. Perfect for those ones loving surf, yoga, peace and spectacular edgy beaches. The food in here could be described as the land itself, simple and exquisite, everything is organic and fresh! Nasara has it all, an easygoing vacation spot, relaxing and full of activities, a true beaten path.

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