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Quebec, vibrant and inviting

Mixture of sophistication and playfulness

Quebec, nowadays known by everyone, it has finally stepped out from the shadow and it has become an independent European motherland, it's vibrant and very alive, perfectly mixing sophistication and playfulness. Quebec is a crown of French Canada, it's rich and spiritually cultured metropolis, that gives Canada a spice, there is no other city in North America like Quebec. It's a strange feeling to be in here, it's like you are in America with a taste of Europe's old world, laid back and incredibly modern at the same time.

Quebec has proud citizens, willing to show you it all off, a unique francophone culture dropped in the new world, with its heart and soul. You will be amazed from the colorful Victorian facades , romantic bistros, rolling hills and never ending French charm. It's a great chaos of everything, rhythm of North America, French charm and spirit of Mexico, which is a wall continent to Quebec city. 17th century buildings and houses, with a history that whispers the battles between the French and British Empires. Between French statues and American citizens, this city has become a living museum, where visitors are still figuring out how this all is possible, it doesn't feel North America at all.

There is no special time needed to visit this city, it's great any time ,any season is diverse and simply beautiful, even if Summer is the most packed season of all, loads of festivals and concerts are going on, the city pulls out the red carpet for all the visitors and any kind of art scenes. Winter in here everyone drinks a lot of Caribou, that keeps them warm, coming along with the winter carnival during the most cold months of the year. Autumn and Spring come with incredible colours and art exhibitions, the crowds of visitors are thinner and the prices are super friendly.

Quebec is a friendly place, with historical buildings and monuments translated in English, under each street name and sign there is an explanation, even telling you who the street was named after and why, they are incredibly welcoming , willing to tell the world their story. You will see the St Jean Baptiste neighborhood with amazing shopping scenes and cafes, with hot croissants and some of the best coffee, or you can head to the New St Roch , which is another beautiful neighborhood, where to spend your days while fully enjoying Quebec.

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