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A great place to go in the winter time. It is a very

inexpensive time to travel. Your accommodations will be

much cheaper and forget about waiting in line. It makes

sightseeing a breeze. Basking in the sunshine, you will

find the Mediterranean a marvellous place in the winter

time. Here are a few tips on where to go and stay while

visiting the Mediterranean.


Site seeing in the classic city during the day and go

dancing in the new night clubs by night. Explore the

Museum of Science. See the brand new port built for the

Americas cup.


See las Ramblas, Guardi and la Sagrada familia. Enjoy

the friendly beach culture and hang ten on the waves (wet

suit suggested). You can party all night at the discos and

bars. There is always fun to find in Barcelona.


Experience the romance of the French Riviera. Visited

the lovely beaches of Cannes and the beautiful Monaco

Monte Carlo.


See all the sites… The Coliseum, Vatican City and the

Sistine Chapel…get right in without waiting in a long cue.

You will have a blast on a warm winter day in the oldest

city in the world.


Pizza…need I say more. You can warm up with a day

trip to the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii,

Capri and Iscitia Island.


Sicily is the heart of Italy. Enjoy great dinning with

Sicilian passion. You can climb to the top of the Etna

Volcano and have a breathtaking view of this charming



The sun is always shining on this ancient city. See the

Acropolis, the Parthenon and the site of the first

Olympics. Take a lovely cruise to the islands, like

Santerini with black, white, and gold sand beaches.


The gateway between Europe and Asia…See the Aya

Sofia, Blues Rosrous and Bosforo.

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