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Imperial capital St Petersburg

Best in modern Russian art

St Petersburg barely comes out from the shadow of Moscow, but it's worth visiting and after a while you will love it even more. It has something that gets under your skin, it might be the huge baggage of history that surrounds the city or it might be the great art and music scene in here. It shows a very different side of Russia, not that cold arrogant and snobbish attitude, it's big, it's stunning and unique.

It's still colorful and lightful, it was build from nothing by Peter the Great, in fact it has always been imperial Russia's growing status to show in the world. Peter the Great hired the greatest of all European architects to build the most amazing cathedrals and palaces, however St Petersburg seems to be frozen in time, still being the a bit of imperial capital.

The cultural scene in this city is simply astonishing, you could spend weeks watching Egyptian mummies and Picasso's masterpieces, reading all about them, how they got in here at the first place, Russian museum at the other hand has been spread over four sumptuous palaces, it's definitely the collection of the best Russian art in the world. Not to even mention the world class ballet and operas at the Mariinsky Theatre, Russians have always been number ones in the world with shows and incredible glance and spark. They say, when Russian wants to impress, he throws the maximum and in ballet and opera that's exactly what's needed, consider that Russians will always want to impress, that's what they do the best.

The magic of the city? It might be the 342 bridges and the fact that being in St Petersburg means never being far from water, with the elegant Neva River running through, with the ships cruising by and countless canals. It seems more like Russian version of Venice, but of course with its own bling bling attitude and chic.

All year round, St Petersburg will keep you busy, May comes with beautiful flowers and green parks, perfume of blossom and that special awakens after cold, Summer comes with long bright evenings when northern sun barely dips below the horizon. Autumn brings colours and prepares you for the winter, but don't be worry, even when the skies become grey, St Petersburg will still shine with its rich culture and never ending charm.

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