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Bangkok, never ending Thainess

Living in the world, where the watch guides us, where stress takes over and where it seems just impossible to relax and watch the world going by...Thailand will be your safer trip to a paradise, with lovely Thai smiles for everything you ll get a smile, glittering temples and peaceful atmosphere. Thailand is tropical and exotic, fun loving and over packed with spas , you will totally relax after having one of their special treat, a real Thai massage. Actually its birthplace was in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, it's where back in the Thai kingdom this relaxing tradition first started, the first school of Thai massage. Wat Pho is one of the most visited temples in Bangkok, remember, it's only one of the little reasons why it's famous.

After having a real massage, head to the beach and have a sand between your toes, there are countless beautiful beaches to head to, enjoying the jungle trapped and scattered islands with azure waters, have a drink and enjoy this beautiful country. It's a tropical getaway for everyone, for the rich and poor, everyone will find something that suits its budget, specially when you have all that scenery for free, remember, the skies and the sea is the same for all. You can dive with whale sharks, kiteboard in Hua Hin, surf on Ko Lipe, and, yes , there is also a party place,Phi Phi...

No wonder, this nation is so happy and positive, they are nation of Buddhists, so the devotion of this belief or way of life is colourful and ubiquitous. Modern landscapes will be mixed and perfectly go on with temples and golden Buddha's frame, after a little while you have been in here, you will get it all sorted out.

Bangkok is packed with street malls and food stalls, they say, you haven't eaten a Thai food, if you haven't tasted the Bangkok street noodles, a mix of all, spicy , mild, sour and sweet, why on the street? Well, it's a part of city's charm, unless you need a table and the table cloths.

Thai cuisine has become very varied, as for many immigrants bringing their own spices and tastes to the city, its cuisine expresses fundamental aspects of their culture. Don't get scared of the language barrier, do everything with Sa Nuk, which means fun, go out, dance, order food, laught, ask, everything with element of sa nuk, they will get you, smile and they will smile ytyou back. You will probably get more smiles in few second in this country, than in a week somewhere in Europe.

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