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Orange blossom and flamenco

Andalucia, cultural marinade

Spain will offer you the most diverse landscapes your eye can catch, from beautiful mountain range to sun baked plains, stunning beaches of Mediterranean and wild cliffs. Famous for hikers and adrenaline seekers, Spain is more than just a sun kissed country, it's a land of Flamenco and fiestas, a nation that has incredible energy and positive attitude, and why wouldn't they have, living in such a beautiful place. Food is a passion in here, or even better, let's describe it as a national obsession, their cooking is incredible simple but effective, all you need to know are few grandma's traditional secrets and recipes, handed down through the generations.

There are countless cities to visit and villages to explore, but if you want to know the birthplace of flamenco, where tapas come from and where is the place that Columbus's bones rest in peace, Andalucia, that's an answer to all of that. It's an incredible place, where history, traditions and reality are going along just perfectly, this traditional city has accepted very rapidly modernisation. You will see it in daily life, where restaurants are modern, buildings are mixed, the old and new, it's an glorious adventure, neverending mystery that hides itself behind the edge and the beauty. Andalucia is a region that includes stunning Malaga, Seville, Ronda, Granada and Marbella, sun bleached villages and Andalucia's coast that is still unblemished.

Local bars will be filled with loud farmers, enjoying, laughing and playing dominoes, you will see countless posters of a long-dead flamenco singer, Andalucia is a place of aromas, lemon trees and garlic, freshness and purity, what else you need? Life in here is relaxing, no stress, everyone seems like going with a flow, live it, enjoy it, eat and dance it away!

Andalucia will be more like a cultural marinade, Andalusians are very religious, for centuries it was accompanied by two main religions, Christianity and Islam, it has been always standing between ideologies and faiths of both. Ancient mosques and musicians on the streets, that's a part and the main part of Andalucia's charm, flamenco is a way of life in here, its a folk art that was born 200 years ago, song, dance and guitar all brought together, the rhythms are mostly spontaneous and improvised, originally flamenco comes from gipsies, the lyrics are mostly sad and reflects sufferings and tragic, sometimes also stories about love and even politics.

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