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Mistral wind of Marseille

Rich and pulsating port city

Give yourself a little France time, but not the classic Parisian experience, head to Marseille, which is the second largest city in France. Bubbling port city, rich and impulsive showing off its creative spaces and multicultural atmosphere. Marseille with years has become a very charming place to visit, with a very charming and vibrant Vieux Port, the old port, that every morning sells the boat catches. It might not be Paris, but it sure has its own unique charm reflecting the past when Greek settlers first arrived here.

Marseille is known for its stunning Mediterranean coastline and beautiful harbour, do not mistaken here, it's France's most attractive and historic city , after Paris of course, who could ever compare to the glamour Paris, well, those ones looking for a little less stress and fanciness that you will find only in Paris, head to Marseille. Relaxed, beautiful and simple, full of character and terracotta roofs, and there is something that Marceille has...sandy beaches and romantic sunsets and sunrises, that Paris couldn't have. Plenty of coastline, boats and that gorgeous scenery in early morning, that fuzz and boat engine sound that disturbs the silent and rushes everyone around.

The city has plenty of very charming districts, busy bazaars and little street markets, the best you will see around the old port, it's a great place to explore the boats and daily life of Marseille.

Marseille is more than just a port city, it's one of number one in Europe for its cuisine, here wonderful dishes were born, for example Bouillabaisse. It's all about delicious seafood, such as fish head and body, clams, shrimp, monkfish , accompanied with high quality olive oil, tomatoes, potatoes and of course a great French wine. For breakfast French would spoil themselves with tasty breakfast, that consist of warm croissant, butter and jam and coffee. That's a top secret how French can eat so much butter and stay slim, I guess , we will never find that out. Come to discover this beautiful city of fishermen, the best dishes and charm that only Marseille offers.

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