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Istanbul, extraordinary cultural experience

Magical meeting place of East and West

Let's go Istanbul! This magical capital that has both continents in it, Asia and Europe, city that holds three successive empires, owning a history that dates 300 thousand years back. Its past flows smoothly into present, with hundreds of diverse civilizations and still, it continues to be home to residents from all over the world.Experience this beautiful crossroads of Europe and Asia, where turquoise blue water fronts confuses your reality, where countless historical beauties makes this one of number one destinations in the whole world!

Istanbul embraces a mosaic of diverse civilizations and cultures, history and arts, past and present, welcoming people and good food. Istanbul that you see today, is a result of three empires, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine, it has this magical power to stay in laid back present, reflecting past and looking into future, remember it's the only city in the world, where you can enjoy your meal watching another continent, pretty amazing, isn't? Any minute that you will spend in this city, your eye will catch various historical and natural wonders, take a tour in Grand Bazaar, which perfectly describes this city, take a tour through the pearls of the Bosporus, Ortakoy, Besiktas and Kabata or simply take a breath, have a meal and enjoy the views of stunning deep blue coast.

The city is wrapped with beautiful seas, Black Sea in the north and Marmara Sea in the south, with Istanbul Strait running through the city, you will be surprised about the successful combination of climates, unique combination of climates, Mediterranean and Black Sea. So, if you choose to visit this incredible capital during Summertime, prepare your bikini and sip the cocktails on the beach, otherwise snow is waiting for you in wintertime.

It seems like Istanbul doesn't take a break, fully packed whole year round, it has plenty of events and exhibitions going on non stop. And what about foodies looking for something traditional to taste, well, dear, you are in the right place now, but not just one specific cuisine represents this nation, there are hundreds, thanks to its multicultural and diverse heritage.

Turkish take their eating and drinking traditions very seriously, you will find anything you like , you don't and some things you have never heard about, aromatic Asian dishes, Italian classics, edgy fusion creations and of course,the best kebab you have ever tasted. The national drink raki wil washing all the goods down, which is a grape spirit infused with aniseed. Istanbul is a unique creation, a beautiful mosaic that fits just perfectly, in picture, in your mind and in your reality.

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