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Irresistible Montreal

French inspired joie de vivre

Canada is one of the most beautiful travel experiences you will have, great looks and spectacular views, this country will truly impress you, it's more than just a hulking mountain paradise with hard working people and great road trips. It's world's second biggest country with countless variety of landscapes and natural beauty, Canada won't let your expectations down, rainforests, beaches, mountains and passion for winter season, snowboards and ski prepared.

The wild animals will leave you breathless, grizzly bears, moose, whales and so Canada classic white polar bears. It seems as a cold place, where white mountains stand still over the skyscrapers, where northern roadways stretches into the most amazing sceneries, but there are million of attraction and concerts going on that will make you forget the cold.

Canada is multicultural place, with little France in the middle,Montreal will open you a huge window to French community, the only de facto bilingual city in this continent. Imagine Canada's coldness mixed with some French charm, irresistible, thanks to the waves of immigration, Montreal has been divided in two halfs, the east end Francophones and the west-side Anglos.

Cosmopolitan dynamism is what makes this city so incredibly charming, with French-inspired joie de vivre and Canadian serious attitude, you can do anything at any time, the city literally bursts from art exhibitions and scene, rock explosions and boutique hotels for any taste. It's so diverse once you are walking through Latin quarter and the next you are thrown into Parisian vibe, next you are watching the North American skyline which reminds you that you are in Canada.

The Food? It's a blend of local influences, by Canada's colonial past, British and French cuisine will be keeping you delicious company. This city is proud to carry the largest number of restaurants in North America, any kind of cuisine you choose to go for in Montreal, chances are that its gonna be delicious. It's creative and ever changing, local chefs will totally spoil you with fresh and seasonal local products used in their cuisine, it's food perfectly describes the city itself, stylish, original and innovational.

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