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Seoul, economic powerhouse

Illustrious history and joys of eating

South Korea will give you a great travel experience, one of the best Asia can offer, it's both, Ancient and modern, this round clock country , specially Seoul is constantly on the move, you never know what kind of adventures you might run into...dive into Seoul's powerhouse of Asia, their motto is "work hard, play hard". Its nations spirit is more like, we can do that, it seems like nothing is impossible for them, they are hard cookies to beat, working seriously which is the reason of this city's great growth, party great, appreciating every bit of their lives.

Korean Peninsula offers travellers the best they will ever experience of Asia, a dazzling range of experiences, culture and history of 5000 years. This country has a perfect tourism plan figured out, opportunity to hike to the peaks and visit forested national parks, with untouched treasures that you won't find anywhere else. There is some kind of tranquillity that attracts everyone, sail to remote islands, where local farmers and fishermen will kindly invite you to their homes, offering the best they have got.

Seoul is packed with Buddhist temples and the city literally bursts of events and festivals, the car traffic in here is replaced by the chants of shaven-headed monks, so enjoy! Koreans are more than happy to share their culture and believes with you, regardless of language barriers...if you still find it hard to communicate, please, Eat! you will experience one of the most delicious cuisines of all times, your taste buds will be thankful. Do you know what the blue and red circle at the center of Korea's flag means? Well, it's more than the divided Korean Peninsula, it represents the mix of ancient and modern aspects of the Republic of Korea.

It's a heaven on earth for foodies, providing a cuisine for kings, pancakes with sweet or savoury fillings or fresh and fiery crab soup in Noryangjin Fish Market. Anything you like, any time of the day or night, Seoul can offer you, not to even mention the wonderful universe of teas served in charming tea houses, these are the places that represents this city, in few words, it's where Seoul's soul lies...

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