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Flavours, history and colours mixed with joy

Naples, overlooking Vesuvius

There are thousands of reasons to visit Italy, not only for monuments and traditions that are still feel-able, touchable and more alive than ever, it's for the present that reflects and it's for the future that will be based on the greatest past ever. Italy is not only for Rome, where La Dolce vita was born, where the most common and delicious dishes come from, where men express themselves the most, where fashion comes from...don't overwhelm yourself with Milan, Rome and don't consider Amalfi coast and Capri as your South Italy's experience. Naples is forgotten without a reason, its Italy's third largest city fulfilled with memories, history and best cuisine secrets, it's the most artistic and one of the oldest cities in Italy.

If you got cold feet just hearing some silly stories about being robbed in this city, you are doing a big mistake, Naples is one of the most beautiful places in this magnificent country, and if you are lucky enough to get know some Neapolitans that would show you off the best of it and invite you for dinner at their mama's place, there is nothing else you could possibly wish for. The museums in here keep some of Europe's most incredible and finest collection of arts and archaeology.

Naples is the most chaotic place on the planet , but it comes as a part of charm, traffic jams, motorini sound and friendly men coming on your way, be careful of those though, royal palaces, castles that make Rome look only provincial.From the first sight , Naples might seem tattered and even unloved, but once you relax and you look beyond the heavy graffiti and a little messiness, you will discover a whole new world, that one where breathtaking sculptures and frescoes lie, profound humanity lives and greatest panoramas live, visit Naples, you will be welcome to the Italy's masterpiece.

The cuisine is one of the best of whole regions, starting from most delicious seafood dishes, sweets with culinary heavyweights and of course the worldwide famous pizza that taste like that just in Napoli. Remember, that this is a magical place, where somehow the flavours, culture, history, colours and food mixes with a joy of life, its fun, beautiful and unique. Not to mention that province of Naples is loomed over Vesuvius overlooking the breathtaking bay, which has been an inspirational place for many artists.

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