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Land of drama and romance

Quite extraordinary Montenegro coast

Montenegro is a land of drama and romance, two in one, in the summer evenings this places comes out magical, showing of its extraordinary beauty and charm, streets are filled with young and old, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the life passing by in peace and pleasure. This tiny country is barely a toe, but the coast is pretty amazing, great things come in small packages, it's the youngest country in Europe, but impressive enough to compare with some of the best.

Mediterranean blossoms in here are breathtaking, wild herbs and the whole scene is hard to avoid and not to notice, it opens a new magical world. The weather is gorgeous in here, high season lasts almost half year, starting with an early spring blossom , ending with a lovely warm November. There are so diverse attractions to do in this country, mountains to hike and climb, running into bears on each corner, it's wild and yet untouched.

Montenegro's is living on the edge, a borderline between east and west, it hadn't been changed a lot since the Roman Empire split in two 1600 years ago, the rich Roman villas and mosaic floors are the most impressive part of this country's cultural history. You will experience Orthodox monasteries and Catholic churches,elegant mosques and incredible powers that have been fighting for this beautiful land, there are monuments on every step you make, a proof of faith and pride.

The capital, Podgorica, of Montenegro is not the most happening place in Europe but it's definitely diverse and fun, a little city with a lot of green space, galleries and restaurants. There are two main Rivers meeting, Moraca passing by the main business district and Ribnica divides eastern side in two. 19th century buildings spices up the small downtown, with the main square Trg Republika, lively mix of bars and shops. It will never grown into this crazy capital, packed with tourists, but it will definitely attract all those ones seeking for a charming piece of tranquility.

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