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Short of cockiness and flaming, Belgium

Chocolate, a symbol of love

Who ever said that Belgians were boring and the only thing fun to do was the beer? Some jealous, self deluding foreigners, those who want to ignore Belgium's astonishing history,well, it's up to them. The truth about Belgium is that it has 60 plus Unesco sites, incredible carnivals that compare even with carnival queen Rio. Belgium is a country where citizens are actually happy people, they live very well, they are welcoming and positive, maybe because of the strong social support system, maybe because of the liberal attitude they have learned by years or maybe because of the chocolate!

This is a country with a wide menu of attractions, any time, any taste, any age, a vibrant theatrical and artistic life, exquisite food and fabulous museums, and yes, about the beer, Belgian beers are endlessly varied and tasty...and for those ones, looking for some fun, the city , specially the capital, continue to blossom with new bars, clubs and pubs, so just pick one and enjoy!

There are two type of travelers to this spectacular country, those ones willing to discover every art gallery such as new Herge museum at Louvain-la Neuve, and the Magritte Museum, the incredibly ambitious Grand Curtius museum, where the art lovers will become silent and speechless. And there are those ones, who are looking for good beer, beautiful girls and a pretty city...

Above all, Belgium has it all, beautiful country side and the best vibrant cities, castles, caves and valleys...and the capital Brussels, the center of all, arts, best dining and nightlife, it's simply stunning. They say, Brussels has a split personality, boring versus bizarre, its full of contrasts and intrigue, it might be the multicultural atmosphere that goes around, it might be just jealousy of others, let me make this clear, there is nothing boring about Brussels.

French and Flemish mixed up, making the best cuisine and casual atmosphere, watch where the money floods on the Ave Louse, EU's real-life Gotham City and Art Nouveau, African quarter and happy people enjoying fab meals in cafes and restaurants...Chocolate shops will definitely lift your spirits up, it has been a lure for lovers, back in the day, number one for kings from all over the world, that's everyone's favorite sweet.

Everywhere you go, you will find yourself in a front of a chocolate shop, there are thousands of them, choco goodies and more than 300 different companies, the country produces more than 172.000 tons of chocolate per year, owning more than 2130 Belgian chocolate shops...they say, the choco is an international symbol of love, you will understand that in Belgium, but remember, do not judge before you have seen this country, have your own experience, and remember you haven't really loved, if you haven't taste a Belgium chocolate.

Belgian chocolate has been a lure for lovers, the indulgence of kings and today, everyone's favorite sweet. Over 172,000 tons of chocolate is produced per year with more than 2,000 chocolate shops throughout Belgium, a country the size of Maryland. After witnessing the passion that goes into the creation of these sweet treats, it's no wonder chocolate has become an international symbol of love. You can travel the four corners of the earth, but you have not truly lived until you have your first bite of Belgian chocolate.

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