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Mykonos, great glamour island

Relentless party

One of the most famous destinations in Greece, Mykonos is an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, a cosmopolitan destination in the country and perhaps one of the most expensive. It's a very busy place, with loud clubs and packed beaches, so if you consider yourself a social traveller, this is the right place for you in Greece.

Psarou is an easily reachable beach, close to Mykonos Town, with many restaurants and hotels around, and very worth to visit. Platys Gialos is more like a family beach, also with many hotels and beach bars, and is usually the place from where you rent jet skis or take boats to other beaches on the south.

On the east coast, you can enjoy a quieter beach, the Kalo Livadi, not very easily reachable, with some taverns, streching in a long sandy strype along the sea. On the North Coast there is a beach called Ftelia, that because of the strong winds coming from the north, is not good to swimming, but perfect for windsurfing. It does not get crowded even on the high season.

Remember to visit Delos, a small uninhabited island near Mykonos with several archaeological sites considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, such as temples of Apollo, altar of Dionysus, amphitheaters, and many other cool stuff. The Windmills in Mykonos have become one of the main landmarks of the island, and the area has a beautiful view.

Walking from the windmills you can reach Little Venice, a district located at the sea, famous for the medieval houses and the most romantic place in the island. It is a beautiful and thrilling place that you have to visit, one of the jewels of Greece's islands, and one of the best destinations in Europe during the summer.

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