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Costa Rica, choice and variety

Overwhelming natural beauty

Only a small country in Central America, Costa Rica is the country that has the largest percentage of its territory covered by protected areas, that is 25 percent. With a rich diversity of fauna and flora, the country became a famous tourist destination in the 80's, and is today an oasis for ecotourism lovers and caribbean beaches fans.

But the beaches are not only in the Caribbean Sea, they are also on the Pacific Ocean, and you can go from one coast to the other very easily and in a short time. The most frequented beaches are in the Pacific, specially close to San Jose and Nicoya Peninsula, and other less frequented but very beautiful are the ones near the Corcovado National Park, on the south.

Costa Rica is famous for its high level of biodiversity, and mammals, reptiles and birds can be easily spotted. The farther you go from the beaten path, the higher your chances will be to see the amazing wildlife and the best of the local flora. One of the most wonderful activities on this subject is the bird watching, that can be done in many places in the country, such as La Amistad National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest and La Selva Biological Station.

Costa Rica is one of the most seismologic active countries from the west, and it has many active and dormant volcanoes, some of which have the calderas, craters filled with boiling waters, always with lots of steam. For the amount of rivers in the country, rafting is one of the most famous activities, just like fishing, surfing, biking, wind surfing, and many other extreme sports.

Costa Rica is a place for nature lovers and for those who are always in love with beaches. If you fit in this description, at least one in your life, you have to come to this marvellous land.

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