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Valletta, wee capital of Malta

Mediterranean cocktail

Malta is like no other island, here are temples, cliffs, remarkable history and stunning scenery! Thrilling diving opportunity is just one of the bunch of activities that this country offers, the deep blue sea and Mediterranean charm in here, keeps this places very much alive and very desirable. You will be impressed by the hidden undersea caves and WWII bombers, that will truly impress you, that will be a whole new world for you, a life-time experience, that you will never forget.

The food in here is the best you will ever taste, consider that pretty much everything that you will have on your table, come from the sea's bounty. Maltese food is rustic in character, very tasty and diverse, full of colour and flavor, influenced by Sicily and North Africa, wrapped into a special slant of their own. Once you arrive to any of the tiny villages, you will notice immediately the beautiful dining in there, relax with a glass of tasty local wine and some food coming with it, fresh olives, sheep's cheese and coriander flavoured Maltese sausage. Maltese bread and olive oil are worldwide known and one of the best, you will hear bread guy early in the morning selling freshly baked bread, that's even better than wake up with smell of coffee...For breakfast ricotta pastries will add your day a marvellous start, excellent coffee and breathtaking charm that surrounds this place.

Even if the incredible tourist traffic in this island, somehow most of the parts of MAlta have managed to retain a sense of timelessness, where goats are wondering around the quiet villages, where horses are the fastest cars and where people have no idea what means to be fake, there you will meet the warmest and the most honest seems so simple, natural and not complicated at all...It's all a mixture of many diverse cultural influences, with Italianate architecture , blue police lamps and famous English red post's a paradise that has a special taste, which has borrowed the best of the best from the world...

The capital, Valletta, is the pride of 17th century, with 21st century's sparkle, that confuses you, you won't have a clue, whether you have been thrown back in time or standing at the new world! The best things about the city? Well, where to begin, the new parliament building and open air auditorium, Renzo Piano-designed gateway, which stands on the ruins of the city's opera house. Keep in your mind that Valletta was listed as "one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world" by the Unesco granted World Heritage, it's a marvellous place with an architectural excellence. Have a kannoli, tube of crispy, fried pastry filled with sweet ricotta, have a wine, which might not be the number one, but these vintages are holding their own at international competitions..give it a chance, it might surprise you, it's not Italy, not France, South Africa or Spain, it's a cocktail of everything, enjoy!

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