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Garrulous and amiable Dubliners

Fascinating history and brilliant personality

Sunny is a relative term in this country, the sun comes a lot more from people than from the sky, it's a small country with a huge reputation, great beer and the greenest landscapes filled with extremely friendly and fascinating citizens. Ireland remains the same as in postcards, dramatic wildness and beautiful loneliness at the same time, there are some places that haven't been changed for centuries, holding to the past, creating a stunning present and promising future.

You will experience a breathtaking monuments, fabulous ruins that brings a rich monastic past at Glendalough and Clonmacnoise with it, the history in here is so young that it's still considered as present...the attraction choice in here is wide, from great theaters to some of the best thatched-cottage pubs, where lads are having pints of Guinness and girls are laughing loudly, you will see the easiness they bring with them, they want to enjoy, fully.

Irish friendliness is an old cliche, it seems fake, but it's not, thanks a million love will be a very common phrase in here, they are one of the most warm and welcoming citizens you will ever meet. Don't think it's excessive as long as it's practised in moderation, just go with it and simply enjoy it, you won't even notice that very soon you will do the same exact thing.

Dublin, Dublin, the house of Guinness where millions of people head only to the Beer museum...but that's not it, this capital is big enough to always be entertained and getting excited, but small enough to run into people you know. In few words it's a huge capital village, bringing thousand years of history with it, which is simply stunning with brilliant personality, fulfilled with wealth and quality.

Once you have visited the splendid castles and cathedrals in the city, it's time to experience the Dubliners, and the easiest and most simple way is to spend a night in the local pub, their relationship with alcohol is more than special, that's how they open to the world, is complex and conflicted at the same time. You might see red faced old guys stepping out of the pubs in the early morning, young people shouting in the line for fast food...each of them have their favorite place to go to, you will have a beautiful choice of 1000 of bars, but for Irish, it's like a trust, a never-changing traditional haunt. Once they discover good place with great people, they stick with it! Why not?

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