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Travel in South America

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Feel the vibes of South America. The warm sunshine,

the beaches and the beautiful people will all take your

breath away. You must experience these amazing cities

and sites. South America is the place to go and warm up

this winter.


Rio de Janeiro has a majestic beauty, with built-up areas

nestled between a magnificent bay and dazzling beaches

on one side and an abruptly rising mountain range,

covered by a luxuriant tropical forest, on the other. This

unique landscape makes Rio one of the most beautiful

cities in the world, justifying its title of "Marvelous City"

(Cidade Maravilhosa). Rio's cultural life is intense and

varied. Perhaps at no time is the city's festive reputation

better displayed than during the annual carnaval which

enlivens the city for 3 solid days with music, singing,

parties, balls, and desfiles (street parades of brilliantly-

costumed dancers performing the samba.)


The city where, according to a legend, the remains of the

apostle Saint James were found. Nowadays Santiago is

the second Catholic Pilgrimage center, after Rome..

Buenos Aires

Considered "The Pearl" of South America, Buenos Aires

has an intense cultural life where tango, long coffee

klatches and football (soccer) are essential elements in

its people daily lives.


The Iguazu Falls are as large as three Niagara Falls

together. Part of the falls lie in Brazil, part (including the

"Garganta do Diabo", the tallest of the falls, 97 meters

high) lie in Argentina.

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