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Colombia on the move

How would you feel about a place where the sun is forever overhead? I would love it! How would you feel to visit the country that produce the best coffee in the world, I definitely would. Colombia is all about magnificent nature, best coffee growth and sun that never stops to shine, it's a safe place now, the civil conflict that lasted for decades is behind, and travelers from all over the world come to discover the new born paradise. It has it all, modern cities with skyscrapers and great nightlife, stunning Caribbean beaches, Amazon safaris, jungles, coffee plantations, ruins and villages that haven't changed a bit ...the diversity of this country will astonish you!

Breath it all in and be prepared for the life time experience! Here is a dreamlike quality in this country, where millions of people have been expired, have no idea if that's cos the sun, gorgeous vistas, the friendly locals that set you at ease, there is something and more that makes you fall in love with Colombia. Well, coffee grows only at high altitudes in a tropical climate, and so does human heart, so here is the answer to that.

Colombia is number one in the world of producing the best coffee, this country takes this position very seriously, working really hard to be the best in producing and quality in world's most important drink...after the water of course. There are thousands of family farms that grow the best coffee, that's their pride to maintain a high standard of excellence.

The capital city Bogota is on the move, once it was a place to avoid, nowadays it has become the tropical treasure, luxury and untouched paradise to head to, have now become one of Latin America's urban highlights. It's home to seven million people, Bogota is still a dream come true land for many Colombians, place of new opportunities. There are countless museums, graceful churches and excellent cultural events going on, being also the political and financial center of the country.

Don't worry about the heat in this city, daily rain will wash it away and leave it cool and pleasant to stay in, continuing to discover the pearls of the capital. Bogota is a promising place that will leave you breathless and totally in love, you just can't help it!

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