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Cultural Capital of the Americas

Cordoba, fascinating mix of old and new

If you are looking for an exciting and jolly destination in Argentina, Cordoba is the place for you. The second largest city in the country and capital of the region with the same name, Cordoba has many universities and scientific institutes, having as consequence a huge student population, making it one of the livest and most energetic cities in South America.

It has many colonial buildings that contrasts very well with the new architecture changing atmosphere within a stroll. The city has many buildings built by jesuits dating from the 117th and 18th century, including the Manzana de los Jesuitas, a whole block with those buildings that became a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The city has numerous palaces and churches, such as the Cathedral and the Iglesia Sagrado Corazon, with a neo-gothic style that makes it worth to visit, but not as outstanding as the Monasterio de Santa Teresa, that's pink. Again for the universities, Cordoba has a lot of museums, including historic, art, scientific and technologic museums like Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio E. Carrafa, Museo Paleontologico de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Museo del Automovil and Museo Histórico Marques de Sobremonte.

The cultural life is very strong, and the city has more than 50 theatres, being the Teatro del Libertador, Teatro Real and Teatro Comedia among the most important. There are also some art-cinemas, like Cineclub Municipal Hugo del Carril and Teatro Cordoba Cine para ver. The cultural centres are also present, offering shows, exhibitions and courses.

Cordoba is exciting, funny and very cultural, a destination that has options for every taste, and sure a not to miss in Argentina.

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