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City of the World s Desire

Istanbul, days of Suleyman the Magnificent

The last getaway in this summer could Turkey, in between Asia and Europe, a Eurasian country where the three continents of the old world - Asia, Africa and Europe - are closest to each other, a place that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula and the Balkan region. Turkey is a richly cultural and historical land that will force you to fall in love with it, with its sandy beaches and soaring mountains, warm people and one of the best cuisines you will ever taste.

One of the best climate ever, sharing its borders with four seas, the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, couldn't be luckier. Only three percent of the country is in Europe, it borders the Middle East and carries unbelievable history with it that dates back thousands of years, thousands of civilizations call Turkey their home, and they have left a whole lot history in it...also called the hippest city in the world, it's getting hard and even impossible to not love this country.

Even the countless inhabitants that have left remarkable traditions in Turkey, the brightest of all are the current inhabitants, hot blooded Turks, incredibly proud of their heritage, and it's totally understandable, it's long history has given the country a very profound depth of culture, which you can experience on every corner of the country.

Colorful and very bazaars, the best kebab you will ever taste, fields, bays and mountains, with stunning ancient ruins in between, a Silk Road of's capital Istanbul is very hot, in all possible senses, fulfilled with exquisite Ottoman mosques, museums, galleries and happening restaurants...those will keep you more than busy during the day, but when night comes, the city shows up in totally different light, it's when this city swings into high velocity, very stylish action.

Fabulous tea gardens, historical peninsula, numerous historical beauties that will keep you busy, there won't be enough memory sticks to capture all the magnificent beauty that this unique city has to offer, a place that has been the capital for centuries to countless civilizations, that shows off its legacies of thousands of years behind any corner, door and window, breath it all in, and you will discover a whole new world, standing in the middle of the past...enjoy!

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