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Home of god Zeus

Crete, most fascinating and diverse

Think well, before you book your next vacation, decide what you want to achieve from this trip, who would be the right people to go with, same interests, characteristics and goals...should be somewhere beautiful, relaxing, fun at the same time, good quality, friendly price and simply amazing...Crete island sounds like the one.

It's actually more like a town than one of Greek islands, it's the biggest of all, remarkably outstanding and fascinating, with history that shows until today, from amazing ruins of the Minoan palace to old mosques...and of course the birthplace of Zeus, the legendary god. There are no actual proof of his majesty's exact birthplace, but Greeks like to say that he was born in the Cretan mountain, which is the Crete, Cretan. The birthplace of the greatest god of ancient Greece however is Crete island, each of the cave in here has its own adherents.

Crete has always been appreciated by its natural beauty and long , exciting history, where stories go hand by hand with the actual facts and legends, giving them a spice. You will experience everything in here, no matter what you are looking for, you will find it in here, mountain ranges, palm forests on the East and some of the most spectacular beaches on the South coast...and the citizens are the most hospitable people you will ever meet, they proudly maintain their culture, beliefs and customs, singing, eating and laughing a lot.

Greek cuisine is even more amazing than the island itself, with fresh ingredients, wild herbs and purity of indescribable taste! Quality and Crete's liquid gold, olive oil, is the secret of one of the most delicious meals, adds an interesting culinary dimension. You will enjoy home made bread, honey biscuits and traditional grape juice syrup, Greeks have always been known as very hospitable and welcoming, offering that kind of experience, you won't see anywhere else.

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