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Marvelous Baia

Stunning sea among ancient sculptures

You can spend your whole life in Italy and still don't know all of its hidden treasures and amazing places. Baia is one of these treasures, a magnificent and unique Roman ruin site underwater. Yes, I said underwater. Just imagine how marvelous and exciting it is to dive in a clear blue stunning sea among ancient sculptures, still preserved floor mosaics and sea creatures that live where centuries ago the Romans lived.

This awesome place exists, and its name is Archaeological Submarine Park of Baia, in the Campania region, close to Naples. The ruins of the place are not just any bunch of stones, but the remains of an Imperial Villa, with palace and spa, place of entertainment for Emperors and friends, richly decorated and very elegant, with baths, temples and open air theatre.

The explanation for the sinking of this piece of imperial heaven is very simple, a volcanic phenomenon that caused the line coast to back away some metres and consequently submerge 6 to 8 metres underwater. This phenomenon affected the whole Neapolitan coast, sinking whole ports and headquarters.

When diving, you can see those floor mosaics, some very beautiful and elegant marble sculptures, the outdoor theatre, an impressive Tempio di Mercurio (Temple of Mercury) with a dome with an oculus like the one of the Pantheon in Rome, that at the time hosted a cold water pool, and other building parts.

I don't think you'd want to miss this paradise when in Italy. It's not everyday that one has the opportunity to swim among those energetic works of art, base of our culture. Baia will be there waiting for you!

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