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Glittering gems of Delhi

Vibrant melting pot and imperial capital of India

There are thousands of beautiful places on the planet, luxury, expensive and simply amazing, and there are those , that promises less comfort but priceless mental relax and a very rich lifetime experience, such as Delhi, which might seem shocking for the first time visitor, a crush of mechanical and human traffic...Delhi is not the most organized and clean capital of the world, but start to count the pluses of this multidimensional metropolis, which screams to be discovere.

Once you get in here, you will be surprised, how many pearls and glittering gems this sparkling capital has, from magnificent museums, ancient monuments to performing-arts scene, meditation temples and georges places to eat the best indian food you have ever tasted. Delhi is one of India's most iconic destinations, that will teach you a lot and leave you with a different perspective of life, a home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events.

It doesn't really matter what's your goal from the trip to India, the capital, mixes both, the old world charm with a modern and vibrant nightlife, you could be a fun seeker, and you will find a brilliant night life, you could be from those many looking for the glimpse of the real India, you will get it for sure! Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in India, located over the west bank of the river Yamuna, offering modernisation and carefully preserved antiquity that can't be appreciated enough.

Delhi is a very alive and vibrant melting point, two very different and perfectly going together worlds, the past and the present living as one, each presenting deliciously different experiences. If we look back in history, New Delhi was built as the imperial capital of India by British, at the other hand Old Delhi, as the capital of Islamic will experience the history of dramatic Red Fort and charming, old medieval bazaars of Old Delhi, where nothing has been changed by time...then turn around and suddenly, you will find yourself sipping cocktails and icy cappuccinos at one of New Delhi's bars. The food is one of the best things about the capital, any time, anything you like, the best meaty Mughlai curries and plump South Indian idlis, you just can't miss that!

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