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Tremendous changes of Honduras

Snorkelling and howler monkeys

Every each of us has a dream destination, even if never been, we strive for something undiscovered, unknown but at the same so familiar, where our heart runs, wit no reason, no particular explanation. Some would love a luxury holiday, with pool and five stars hotel, some would want to sleep on the floor and blend in...but the real one is , when you see something undiscovered, when the only option for communication is to learn some words in local language, so open your mind and prepare yourself for lifetime holiday experience in Honduras.

This tiny country has been through a lot, not too fast for modern travelers, but too fast for locals, who are willing to keep it the way it was, undiscovered and can't help it,there are so few places left on earth, where tourists are rare and nature is stunning, but we are here to discover and learn from each other. Honduras is an independent country , sharing borders with Guatemala and Nicaragua, surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Banana Republic fame still leaves marks in Honduras country, nature has its own drawcards here, white sandy beaches, wild parts with monkeys jumping around the Lago de Yojoa and incredible waterfalls surrounded by national parks. People are more than kind and friendly, helping you with every single detail, the diving is indescribable and food exquisite and almost free!

West end of Honduras, will be the best travel destination, with the largest of the Bay Islands, Roatan, with 50 km long and 2.5 km wide, it's a perfect place for divers, surprising you with astonishingly diverse coral reef teeming with tropical's a natural beauty that is screaming to be discovered.

Another stunning place to discover is Utila, where British and Africans live and have left their culture influences, this place is perfect for those ones looking for something tiny, quiet and pleasant. Here you will find dozens of diving schools, with two small but impressive beaches, in a waters that whale sharks feel like home...Honduras is so diverse and breathtaking, offering all kind of entertainment, expected and also unexpected, breath and take it all in.

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