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Falling in love with charming chaos of Buenos Aires

Well, the football's madness has ended, but not just quite yet for Argentineans, it has been a rough weekend, the love they bring for football with them is immeasurable and indescribable...and you would probably call it crazyness, but if a nation can be so unite for something they love, what's wrong with that? So, this country has a passion for a formidable wanderlust cocktail, tango, football, gauchos and beef! Well, don't get scared once you get there, arriving in Buenos Aires feels like jumping from a moving train, it will immediately shake you up, with its chaos, throwing you right into it.

If you take a cab from the airport, you will definitely get a crazy driver, that smokes, complains about the government and drives a way too fast, could be a shock at the beginning, but then you realize, you are fully enjoying Argentinian daily life. Blurred mosaic of apartment blocks, messy architecture and madly busy city center, that's Buenos Aires, a city you will fall in love. There are many attractions and places worth visiting, candy kiosks and very handsome early stone facades, that adds just another bit of charm for this marvelous city.

Just one of the most popular attraction is Iguazu Falls , where you will experience a real natural beauty, Argentina is a true wonderland. There are many other place you Must see, such as Andes' highest peaks, which top 6000 meters, mountains painted in countless colors, wonderful lakes and fairytale views with flamingos, caimans and penguins wondering around.

Buenos Aires is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wild, totally diverse and perfectly going together, a beautiful European like city with very attractive people living in it, delicious cuisine and amazing attractions, nightlife. The capital will give you a feeling that it's extremely familiar but unlike to any other in the world, live with it, enjoy it and make sure it doesn't break your heart!

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