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New Zealand, stunning natural playground

Dining and natural wonders in Auckland

In New Zealand there won't be a place you would get bored, and Auckland is definitely not an exception. It seems there are many,tiny little towns all around the country, but the amount of energy and activities they offer, make them all just as important as the other big cities. One of the most multicultural and largest is Auckland, which is Big in all senses, it thinks, does and is big, worthwhile visiting, you haven't seen New Zealand without this pearl.

Volcanoes and lava flows, suburbs and sea, there is no way you would have a day in Auckland without no clue what to do, there is so much to see and to experience, you will run out of time! The traditional and not beatable Kiwi aspiration for free standing houses has made this city a very sprawling place, the only problem in here, is that the in the center the past has left many architectural embarrassments, they are also worth visiting though.

Auckland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with an amazing natural beauty, awesome people and great activities, it's home to 1.5 million people and also the the largest Polynesian city in the world. Just imagine how is that to get used of living half an hour away from the beach, stunning beach, hiking trails and next to the world's dozen enchanting holiday islands.

Polynesian culture runs the life in here, so that promises great food and outstanding wine selection, amazing shopping and never ending activities of Auckland, the best city. Auckland is more than just a city, and definitely not an ordinary one, it offers the whole region, full of things to do, see, live and to feel. Let's call it a stunning, natural playground, with more than diverse landscapes and red-flowering pohutukawa trees. If you want to enjoy it fully, please leave your cameras and phones in the hotel, that will be disturbing to keep making photos of every single beauty that comes in your way, and with beauty I mean the nature.

Rolling hills of wine country, golden beaches and stunning coastlines, Auckland is anything but boring, you will be amazed by its unspoilt forests and bays, dramatic black sand and 48 volcanic cones, that look incredible scary and powerful. The panoramic views will be spectacular for everyone, you can also have a picnic in one of the lush parkland. Watch volcanoes, birds and have a time of your life!

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