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Stockholm, a mirage of saffron

Home decor magazine of Sweden

Who ever said your summer holiday destination should be somewhere hot, where there is no ending of sticky sand and sun's overdose? Who ever said, your perfect holidays couldn't be in some place cool and amazing enough to proudly say, I had a time of my life? Virgin, untouched forests, which Swedish are smart enough to keep, buying out first the foreigner ones, rocky islands and Viking Lore, Sweden is anything but boring, you will will feel like you have just stepped in into a decor magazine. I would say, the style in there is mad, positively mad, Swedish style combines the modern and the practicality, the design in general is very clever and actually great looking.

Swedish carries sociality where the value of moderation and function of use is highly appreciated, there won't be showy styles or pushy design, you will feel that ease they carry with them, everyone seems to mind his own business, letting the world pass by, working very hard to afford that civilized and relaxed society. Swedish totally earn it! True, that Sweden is blessed with the natural beauty, having one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, with warm summers, promising blue waters and even bluer skies, and very cold winters, that covers the city completely with a white frozen coat, dotted with lights.

Stockholm is more than modern, vibrant and edgy, perfectly carrying all those characteristics together, wondering to add even more...the old town is tiny but pretty amazing, Gamla Stan, where all the buildings are painted in red, vanilla and orange, it seems that the size of the center is build for tiny, little people,with rollicking clubs and art galleries, the cobblestone streets that make the city even prettier.

Souvenir shops, cozy bars, restaurants and lovely old residences fulfill the center, making a real master peace to spend your holidays in. From the capital you will see the Royal Palace, that crowns the tiny island, the other side of Gamla Stan is the main city center, a buzzing metropolis with such restaurants that can easily compare with any big city on the continent.

The archipelago Skarsgard is every Stockholmers pride, that includes more than 24.000 rocky islands, great lakes right in the city center from where you can enjoy all of it, sit in one of the modern cozy bars, have a cup of tea or coffee and see the beauty that surrounds the Scandinavian...Stockholmers themselves are one of the most polite and friendly people I have ever met, they will definitely ease your travel, open your mind and let new things about Sweden amaze you, it's a lot more than ABBA and IKEA!

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