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Chocolate,a national concern in Switzerland

Giddy romance, silky chocolate and cuckoo clocks that immediately throws you back in the past, that's Switzerland, a landlocked country that's full of promises of better life. It's famous for St Moritz and Zermatt great chocolate, medieval bridges and tableau of beautiful images, before, during and after the trip to this country, you will know, life in here is good.

The scenery you will experience in Switzerland is shocking, canvas of hallucinatory landscapes , stretched and made so perfectly that it won't feel real, but the best part is, it is real. During summer, enjoy the fresh air and life of Alpine traditions, ancient markets, modern mountain villages and soaring mountain backdrops, have a bike ride and toot the bell, lift your spirits, that's how real is this tiny country.

The capital Bern, is not less stunning than the country itself, with laid back atmosphere and stone, Swiss gritted streets. The dizzying architecture and 15th century terraced buildings will definitely take your breath away, folk figures scattered all over the city, surrounded by fantastical hills, in a nutshell, Bern simply captivates.

A trip to Switzerland wouldn't be real Swiss experience without the silky peace of heaven, worldwide famous Swiss Chocolate. This small country, whose climate is anything but tropical, never had cocoa growing fields as South America, so most of us still wonder, how it has become one of the number one of the world's leading chocolate manufacturers. In fact, Daniel Peters worked hard back in 1875 to combine chocolate and milk to get the best milk chocolate that literally melts in your mouth like butter, smooth and delicious,without any grit.

So the all those years of improving the chocolate wonder, giving Switzerland the reputation they have today, definitely deserving it. The luckiest of all word's kids are the Swiss ones, their afternoon snack has been bread and chocolate for centuries. Swiss chocolatiers have created almost every single bit of chocolate, from truffles, pralines, cakes to mousses.

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