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Chile, always welcoming

Santiago, seemingly endless coast

Chile is the second country in South America that does not border Brazil, it occupies a coastal strip in between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains, that occupies one third of Chile. The country shares borders with Bolivia, Argentina and Drake Passage, the territory of the country includes also the islands of Juan Fernandez, Easter Island and Salas y Gomez Desventuradas, it's also home to the world's driest place, the Atacama Desert.

Santiago is the capital and also the largest city in the country, it might be dirty and extremely loud but it balances all with being cultured and very ambitious. Santiago has one of the most spectacular settings of any city in the world, you can expect unexpected in a very clear day, heavy winter showers, snow capped Andean peaks and indescribably beautiful capital. Santiago is one of the top destinations in South America, fascinating visitors with stunning landscapes, historical beauty and some of the most delicious restaurants in the area, world class cuisine , for those ones seeking cultural treasures, fine museums and art scenes will be available any time.

Santiago is perfect for climbing, horse riding and exquisite wine tours, that won't leave you indifferent, the tour is at the Maipo Valley, which is one hour from Santiago, a home to traditional and modern wineries, famous for the world renowned elegance of its Cabernet Sauvignons. Chile is no doubt an agricultural paradise, with bounty of fruits and vegetables supplies the world's marketplaces and whose wine graces tables on every continent, thanks to its Mediterranean climate.

Consider that Chile is a country with a long coastline, so seafood is plenty for everyone, cheap and heavenly delicious, even if locals are more into meat, beef and chicken, usually are grilled and absolutely exquisite. Enjoy your time relaxing in many restaurants with great meals and of course local wines coming with it, making it a perfect dinner or lunch. Even if you have heard about the bad coffee, nescafe, in chile, they have improved with serving an espresso from machine, just make sure they have one, before you order.

Whatever you are expecting from Chile, it will be surprisingly easy to travel in here, remember that’s a country that can offer anything, dunes, volcanoes, forests, rivers and fertile valleys. The main thing, while your travel throughout the country, you will feel what nowadays seems hardly to experience, a welcoming atmosphere, that is hostest and comes from the heart.

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