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White city Belgrade

Natural wonders of Serbia

There are few places left, where the tourist is more than welcome and highly appreciated, let's be honest, most of the countries are tired of giving information for lost tourists and being more and more tired of them. Which is wrong, very wrong, remember that one day, you could be one of them, Serbia is that rare spot that warmly take every tourist, feeling proud to show off their country's beauty to foreigners.

The nation starts to knock the doors of Europe, being very safe and pleasant place to visit, not loosing it's spark, the best place to visit, is no doubt Belgrade, which is energetic and gritty, offering a wide menu of culture, restaurants, museums, architecture and other cultural buffs.

At some point you will get it, that Belgrade is not the prettiest capital of Europe, but it has plenty things to offer and it beats everyone with its gritty exuberance, making it one of Europe's most happening cities. You will still experience socialist blocks that are surrounded and squeezed by nouveau masterpieces...actually Belgrade means the "White City" , but it's nothing than red hot!

Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities, which since ancient times has been an important focal point of traffic, an intersection of the roads of Eastern and Western Europe. It's located on the beautiful Balkan Peninsula, so breathtaking views and sceneries are guaranteed.

It's the capital of everything that Serbia owns, culture, education, economy and science, for centuries Serbia has been home to many nationalities, the official language is Serbian, while English is spoken, so you won't find yourself in difficulty of language barriers.

Only in recent years, Serbia has managed to stand out as one of Eastern Europe's famous undiscovered destinations, it has plenty to offer, specially the capital, great museums, galleries, some of the best nightclubs and excellent dining options, diverse and delicious.

Don't think that only Belgrade is on the spotlight, away from the capital, there is few other attractive and very alive cities, definitely worth visiting, with an elegant centre and picturesque fortress overlooking over the Danube. Countryside of Serbia is just beautiful, for example the province of Vojvodina, has an amazing wetland, perfect for bird species and wooded valleys, where stunning Orthodox monasteries are hiding.

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