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Wondrous kingdom of Thailand

Land of smiles

How many times have we heard, that it doesn't really matter how beautiful the country is, fulfilled with monuments or splendid architecture, if you can't get a welcome smile while you are discovering those places, it turns ugly. Thailand has it all, stunning sceneries and welcoming Thai smile, attention, it's not fake, I think they might be overwhelmed with their Buddha temples, massages and flower therapies...

Golden beaches is usually the reason that teases tourists to come to Thailand, but there is more, gaudy temples, exotic and tropical cities and places will take your breath away, so prepare yourself for the great adventure in Thailand. The views are pretty much those from the post cards, palms angel over white sand, beach parties and coral gardens, a dream come true. Actually Thailand has two coastlines, promising you the jungle islands and azure waters that will keep you on capturing every single moment, wishing to lock this view in your memory.

The sea touching the sky, with tall mountains standing out, a place, where water sport could be so diverse, from surfing of Bang Saphan Yai to diving with whale sharks in famous Ko Tao, kite boarding and simply resting on the beach.

Thai food is one of the best in Asia, mixing Asian and Oriental cuisine, it's distinctive thanks to the spices, combining Indian and Chinese cuisine traditions. You will get overwhelmed with heavenly good food, noodles, curries and the famous probably the best you will taste in Thailand, sweet and sour dishes.

Don't forget that this is a very colourful and religious nation, with spectacular temples and golden Buddha statues, being very open for visitors, letting them to join the conversation through meditation retreats or religious festivals held all over the country. Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, that offers for its visitors all the best it possibly can, exotic wildlife, Buddhist temples and fascinating culture with spectacular history.

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