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FIFA World cup Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Looking for incredible and unforgettable adventures? South America will offer you Incan ruins, colonial towns, great nightlife and some of the world's best beaches. Hold on tight and get ready for the best adventure you have ever had! South America has natural wonders spread all over its territory, bone dry deserts, red rock canyons, volcanoes and sun kissed beaches with the best entertainment ever!

Cidade Maravilhosa, as it's known by the Brazilians, is the city of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest in the country and most famous in South America, a place of natural wonders, electric Carnival, extreme adventures, stunning nightlife, friendly people and strong culture. Rio de Janeiro is the Brazilian postcard.

The landscape is famous, and the harbour of the city is so outstanding, looking actually like the mouth of a river, that it became one of the Seven Natural Wonders. It is surrounded by other very famous geographic features, the Sugar Loaf, the Corcovado and the Tijuca Hills. On the top of the Corcovado, the Christ the Redeemer stands with its arms open, adorning it beautifully.

The beaches in Rio are also pretty amazing, some of them being oceanic, some in bay. They are clean, wide, with soft warm sand, and some of them offer many useful services such as free showers, bars, wet trails to walk on, clean toilets, and tents to rent. They are myth and culture, unique and mouth dropping, being even subject of poems and songs known all over the world. The Ipanema and Copacabana beaches are the most outstanding with long sand stripe and charming waters, not to talk about the locals that bring a whole particular atmosphere to them.

Get ready, it's here, the FIFA World cup in Brazil, gathering the best from the best football feet from all over the world together in Brazil, the capital of soccer, the passion which is saint and unique. Starting tomorrow, the 12th of June, until the 13th of July, this will be the second time in history of football that Brazil will host the competition, the previous was in 1950! So for whole football fans, get together, get loads of beer and coffee, because all around the Euorope will be night, while the games will be in Brazil! I thinks it's even more exciting! Enjoy and let the best team to win!

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