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Win 3 Travel Adventure

There's a moment on everyone's live when the days are just the same, the routine becomes boring, one second last forever and you can't wait for the weekend. We've all been through this and know how painful it is, and how magnificent it would be to break the habit just a little. The good news is that Hostelworld is giving you the chance to break this routine and live the three best adventures of a lifetime.

All you have to do is click on this link, and write down your email. They will give a list of breathtaking, educational, cultural energetic places and activities, and you will choose three of them.
They are:
Inca Trail Trek in Peru,
Interrail in Europe,
Kruger National Park in South Africa,
Cappadocia Balloon Ride in Turkey,
Barrier Reef in Australia,
Full Moon Party in Thailand,
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,
Great Wall in China,
Grand Canyon Helicopter ride in USA,
Visit to Pyramids in Egypt,
Buckingham Palace in England,
Angkor Wat in Cambodia,
Eiffel Tower in France,
Oktoberfest Munich in Germany,
Northern Lights in Iceland,
Holi Festival in India,
Venice Gondola Ride in Italy,
Tokyo Sumo Wrestling in Japan,
Petra in Jordan,
NYC Empire State in USA,
Milford Sound Kayaking in New Zealand,
Antarctica Boat trip,
Trans Siberian Railway in Russia,
Salt Flats in Bolivia,
Tomatina Festival in Spain,
Victoria Falls Bungee in Zimbabwe,
Whistler Skiing in Canada,
Carnival in Rio, Brazil,
Galapagos Islands in Ecuador
Torres del Paine trek in Chile.

After the hard task of choosing only three of those amazing destinations, you just have to wait. The winners have the chosen adventures fully paid and have the right to bring an accompanying. Three runners up will win one adventure each! It's an once in a lifetime opportunity that you can't miss!

City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Published on 10-Giu-2014
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