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Croatia, blend of glamour and cultural treasures

Mediterranean As It Once Was

There is no need to spend a lot of time to find your next vacation destination, Croatia is one of the best options there is to...with more than 2000 km long coastline and 1000 islands, this place is a paradise on earth. Sailing or lazy resting on the beach, don't satisfy yourself just with Zagreb, even if this tiny town has all it needs to be one of the best, there are plenty other places to discover in this country, a wide variety of hiking, biking, sailing and canoeing.

Even if Croatia has become Europe's hotspot, the country hasn't given it all yet to mass tourism, there are plenty gorges places still undiscovered and untouched. Mediterranean As It Once Was, that's the motto of Croatia, the blue turquoise waters, boats and amazing sceneries, that's Croatia. If you look closer, you will notice, that Croatia isn't a place that has been thoroughly worked over by the tourist industry, maybe that's why it's so favorite, because it seems, still undiscovered, and yet being one of Europe's most fashionable places to spend your vacations. It's fun, it's beauty, it's not that expensive yet, and suitable for all kind of travelers, backpackers, families, long distance cyclists and the finest yachters, the wind is just perfect for sailing in here.

Of course food comes within each culture and country, it's a way and a part of discovering the real nation, and Croats are proud of their cuisine ,which is based on natural ingredients. Croatian cuisine includes a variety of major European influences, Italian, French, German, Turk...meatballs, pies, stew, cheese, a lot of seafood and delicious sweets.

They say, love goes through the stomach, and whoever invented this saying, definitely knew what's in Croatia. In most cases travelers fall in love with country's food, after comes architecture wonders and natural beauty, it's a tradition and a way of life in here. The common factor and goal of Croatian cuisine is diversity of local seasonal goods and freshness, a great food quality of each dish.

The busiest season in Croatia is July and August, when this land is packed with foreigners, even during the season, there is plenty of space left to enjoy the quiet coves and stone-built fishing villages, that will give you a feeling, you are visiting some of Europe's most unspoiled spots.

Enjoy the real yacht filled harbours, sipping a cocktail in one of fancy and glamour destinations, such as Hvar or Dubrovnik. In these places, you will catch celebrities dining and sipping drinks, if you are seeking for peace and tranquility, there will be fetching fishing villages and atolls where you can play Robinson Crusoe, splendid beaches with all kind of atmosphere for every age...

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