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Beautiful Isle, Taiwan

Collection of deities and demons

If your next holiday destination includes Asia, there is a splendid place I would suggest you to go, Taiwan, which cuts a figure as one of Asia's most diverse destinations. Very modern and pulsating capital Taipei, temples and hot springs villages, entertainment in modern places and wooden mountains. Taiwan fast gained its fame as the Beautiful isle, Ihla Formosa, sandy beaches, tropical forests and some of the most incredible views your eyes will ever experience.

Taiwan has so much to offer that your head will start to spin, there are very diverse activities, Yushan National Park on colonial-era hiking trails, windsurf, River race to the world wide famous Golden Canyon and splendid views for picture lovers, one side of the island covered by blue Pacific and green volcanic arcs.

You will literally be wrapped with butterflies in your stomach and all over you, it's a Kingdom of Butterflies, Taiwan is home to anything that's endemic flying, crawling and swimming. Whatever is that you are looking for in this vacation, Taiwan will offer more, you wanna peace, here, sandy beaches and paradise is here, you wanna jungle , here, urban jungle and extreme things to do, you wont stop Wowing and repeating, i have never seen that before.

Be prepared to eat a lot, it's so common here,you just won't resist, it's too nibbling to be done, the Chinese cuisine has thousand years of history, it offers visitors unforgettable food experience, the gamut of Chinese cuisines - Sichuanese, Cantonese, Beijing-style, Fujianese. You wont say no to hot pot and heavenly vegetarian, spare ribs, beef noodles, coffin cake, shrimp rolls, oyster omelettes and slack-season noodles. Also the Japanese is the best after Tokyo, the best teas in the world...Taiwan's cuisine brightly reflects island's cultural diversity and history, it's been strongly influenced by both, Chinese and Japanese cuisines, which ruled the island for half century.

Those ones, looking for some peace, you will find it in here, heaven from Chenlan Temple, you will get all your questions answered at any folk temple, you might be surprised finding out that Taiwan is heir to the entire Chinese tradition of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism..they are still very open to other religions, so you are free to choose yours. Taiwan will open your eyes to whole new world, and your mind to see what really matters.

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