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Emeralds beaches and forever blue sky

Ibiza, sound style madness

The season has officially started, Ibiza , for most of you means, a party island, with endless clubs and places to get crazy and fully enjoy the sun, sea and great partying...but Ibiza is more than just great partying, it's a Greek island of Pine trees, about half of this island remains covered by thick woods. The spring in Ibiza is indescribable, the blossom of almond trees, olives and figs will take your breath away. Once you get away from the main action of Ibiza party side, you will experience wild beauty, the real side of island's gentle rural charm.

When the idyllic beaches of Ibiza were discovered? Back in 1960 hippies arrived and fell in love with the island, soon after a various World Heritage Site because of its great architecture and rich beach life, Ibiza gain countless tourist waves, and nowadays it has become home for more than 117.700 residents and millions of tourists arrive to the island. Ibiza island is bless with 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, so no time to be sad living in here, probably other 65 you can afford to be sad.

These Mediterranean islands make a great team, offering all kind of entertainment for all kind of tastes, Mallorca is the senior island, combining everything in one, from great mountain hiking, beautiful scenery and beach resorts. Ibiza as we know is number one in the world, introducing us with beach parties and never ending fun. Menorca is the peace of heaven and so needed tranquility, offering splendid and isolated beaches, where you will find your own paradise. The last one is the tiny chill out island, Formentera, promising you to lose yourself in the beauty of sun and sea, combination of siesta and fiesta...for those ones who are happy by fine partying from sunset to sunrise.

When it comes to food, Ibiza is hitting the top, lots of seafood and fresh fish, local menus offer cod and hake , swordfish and sole...Ibicencan food is very different from the mainland Spanish food, for every carnivore it's a dream island, with rabbit, goat and lamb grilled, everything comes with oil, pepper and bread.

And of course it wouldn't be Spain without tapas, both, with grilled meat or with fish, you should know that in every beach club there will be a wide Mediterranean cuisine menu available, featuring Spanish, French and Italian dishes, from Caesar salad, club sandwiches and burgers...Remember, that party in every place, comes with you, whether you are looking for in your Ibiza vacation, you will find it, it's not all about partying, believe me.

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