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Stockholm, a fashion decor magazine

Natural beauty of Sweden

Stockholm is a beautiful city surrounded by water how spreads itself over 14 islands connected by bridges. The water around Stockholm is so clean you can even swim or fish in the heart of the city. One third of Stockholm is water and the other third is green. Stockholm earned its name as most green capital of Europe.

In this city with over millions of people you can easily escape and get your rest. you can take a trip to a quiet beach, walk true one of the beautiful forests or you can go to a deserted island. Stockholm is fairy like, historical and surprisingly culinary.

The history of Stockholm goes way back until the 13th century the best place to discover this is Gamla stan (the old city) Gamla stan is located on a small island in the heart of Stockholm. This area is a big contrast against the big shopping malls in the other sides of the city. Gamla stan has many things to visit like the Royal palace, parliament building and the Opera one of the oldest banks in the world build in 1656. Gamla stan is also famous for its small cozy streets and the shops and restaurants around the royal palace. Because of the red colored houses and small streets you could almost think you are in the south of europe. Only the weather is a little bit colder. In the summer the average temperature is 23 degrees and in the winter it gets even down to minus 16 degrees.

In Stockholm you can find museums, a big nightlife (for Swedish understandings) and lots of galleries. But besides that when you are in Stockholm you should also visit the Archipel. The archipel is constructed by 1400 of little islands varying from small to big. On some of this islands there are people living while other islands are just big enough for a couple of flowers. Back in the 19th century these islands where exclusif a place for rich and famous people to relax. now the archipel is for everyone to visit. if you want to have the best view of the islands you should travel by boot.

Other things to visit in Stockholm The city hall: which is built in 1923 with more than 8 million deep red stones and 19 million mosaic stones. Every year this is the theater where they reach out al there nobel prizes.

The Vasa Museum: its the oldest restored warship in the world which is located on the island Djurgarden. This warship capsized on her first float in 1628 and was restored 333 hundred years later. The Vasa museum is one of the most popular touristic attraction of scandinavia.

The Fotografiska Museet: the museum of modern fotografie. the restaurant located in the same building on the highest floor gives you one of the most beautiful views over the water of Stockholm. This museum opened in 2010 and has already had many impressive expositions.The museum organises 4 main expositions and around 20 small expositions every year.

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