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Tunis, gorgeous northern suburbs

Modern part of Tunisia

Tunisia might be a tiny country located in the north of Africa, but its history and its beauty can hit any other country a lot bigger than that. You will be surprised how many things Tunisia can offer, from sea breezes, hot Mediterranean sun and fish on the plate which will be always fresh.

Tunis call themselves an ambitiously modern Arab capital's citizens, that still has not-so-distant colonial past, still being very powerful. you are wrong if you think that Tunisia consist of beach and sun, there are surprisingly deep green forests , plains with beautiful citrus trees and olive fields, going more to the south, you will hit the Sahara stretch into Africa...

Tunisia has thousands and thousands of tourists every year, millions of hotels and holiday resorts, people from all over the world come to experience the stunning ancient sites, enjoying the company of the ghosts. You will discover countless colonial swansongs, restaurants and cafes, where fresh pastries will wait for you , not less tasty than the original French ones. Tunisians start to compare with cities like Morocco , creating a huge number of stylish and modern alternatives to the tourist places, being more affordable and and laid back.

The capital is Tunis, often heavily ignored by many tourists, a very cosmopolitan still missing the true gem of a city. You will truly enjoy the coffee that are located under the tropical trees, located on the main avenue. Tunis is a very modern town with great mix of cuisines, Arab and French.

Tunisian cuisine has taken over the Mediterranean and desert dwellers culinary traditions, the food is mainly based on spices, seafood, meat and tomatoes with olive oil, it's pretty spicy compare to other North African countries. One of the most popular dish is a hot red pepper sauce made of red chili peppers and garlic, with coriander,olive oil and tomatoes. The national and most common dish is Couscous of course, served in million ways.

Countless squares, mosques and souqs are surrounded by colonial buildings and monuments that still reminds the previous centuries. Tunis has everything you need, the biggest museum in whole Africa, Bardo Museum, great nightlife and interesting shopping streets. Open up and enjoy the northern suburbs. Beauty centers will offer an amazing scrubs and massages for decent price. Drink a mint tea which is the most popular drink in here, stay under tropical trees and let the time go by, giving you the best relaxation you can possible seek for.

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